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Book: Bookbinding in Colonial Virginia / Samford & Hemphill

Bookbinding in Colonial Virginia (published cover)

The full text of C. Clement Samford’s and John M. Hemphill’s Bookbinding in Colonial Virginia (Williamsburg Research Studies; Williamsburg: Colonial Williamsburg, 1966) is available in HTML at the Colonial Williamsburg Digital Library. The site includes “the original manuscript from which the published version was produced,” and as such it seems that the content is nearly identical to the published book. It does not, however, have the “Key to Rolls” included in the book, nor does it include the exact same photos and illustrations.

Contents of the HTML version include:

I. History of Bookbinding to 1800
II. Bookbinding in Colonial America
III. Beginnings of Bookbinding in Maryland and Virginia
IV. Bookbinding in Williamsburg and Virginia, 1750-1799
V. Analysis of Books Believed to Have Been Bound in Annapolis, Williamsburg, and Richmond by William Parks and His Successors, 1727-1799
VI. Nineteenth Century Developments
Appendix I. References to Bookbinding in the Hunter Daybook
Appendix II. References to Bookbinding in the Royle Daybook
Appendix III. Imprints Examined for Bindings

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