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About Gloucester Bound…

Well… More like about me. My name is Jim Darlack, and I’m the guy behind Gloucester Bound.

I am a “theological librarian” (in other words, I am a librarian that works at a seminary). I am also interested in history and 18th century material culture. So, it was a natural fit to combine these interests in pursuing bookbinding as a hobby—primarily concentrating on historical reproductions.

To that end, I’ve been a long-distance ‘apprentice’ to James Moore of 18th Century Bibles.org. James’ passion for books, history, and for Jesus have been infectious, and I’ve learned a great deal from him. I’ve also greatly enjoyed working on a few binding projects with James—including helping digitize a new copy of “The Bible of the Revolution” printed and bound by Robert Aitken in 1782 (the first English-language Bible printed in America). You can read more about the Aitken project at James’ website.

Me in my office cleaning up scans of the Aitken Bible.

I’m new to the trade, and I’m still building up tools and equipment, but its been satisfying to dig into a new skill and to celebrate the “history of the book” in a tangible way.

I’m also a resident of beautiful and historic Gloucester, Massachusetts, “America’s Oldest Seaport” (at least according to the signs in Gloucester). My wife and I are often in wonder at just how beautiful Gloucester is. I love the city’s history and maritime history. Aside from producing historical bindings, I also hope to produce bindings that celebrate the rich connection that Gloucester has with the sea.

About that Logo…

Gloucester Bound at the Bible & Anchor…

The “Bible and Anchor” refers to the sign hung by London printer and bookseller, Samuel Harding. A similar sign was employed by Alexander Cruden – the brilliant (though troubled) scholar who produced the immensely important “Complete Concordance to the Holy Scriptures” in the late 1730’s. Cruden’s portrait, as printed in the 3rd edition of his concordance, bore the Latin motto: BIBLIA Anchora est mea: Et CHRISTUS est mihi anchora et Omnia, “The Bible is my anchor: and Christ is to me anchor and all else beside.”

The lettered logo is comprised of a combination of GB (Gloucester Bound) and JMD (my initials). More information on Cruden is in this blog post.