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William Parks, Printer & Bookbinder of Williamsburg

Williamsburg Printing Office & Post Office

William Parks was an 18th century printer and bookbinder serving both Virginia and Maryland. Parks serves as a focus of a few different studies on colonial bookbinding in America, and they are all available online!

I just came across this monograph on Parks as well:

  • A. Franklin Parks, William Parks: The Colonial Printer in the Transatlantic World of the Eighteenth Century (Penn State University Press, 2016). Google Books; Amazon


Research at Gloucester Bound

Imperial Library of Vienna

The literature concerning 18th century bookbinding is scattered among various digital archives, print publications, blogs, etc. Over the past year, while working with James Moore at 18thcenturybibles.org, I have been collecting bibliographic references and illustrations related to pre-industrial bookbinding practices. I will be posting about both on this site on two permanent pages under the “Research” heading in the main menu:

  1. Bibliography
  2. Illustrations

As time permits I will be adding annotations and descriptions to both (or providing links to descriptions).