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I serve as a librarian at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary. I am also working on a doctoral degree in “global Christianity and development.” This page is an experiment that is pulling together two interests of mine—librarianship and the variegated beauty of the global church.

There has been a tremendous demographic shift in Christianity over the years—to the point where Christianity cannot be considered a “Western religion” or an American or European “export” religion. Rather, the majority of Christians worldwide live in the Global South (in Africa, South America, Asia, and Oceania). As a theological librarian, part of my job is to ‘amplify’ the voice of Majority World theologians. The bibliography below is merely a test case of a project I’ve begun working on – building a bibliography of works published by the theologians featured in the Global Church Project’s Women Theologians of Global Christianity series. This initial bibliography is based off of the post, “Some Indigenous Women Theologians You Should Know About” by Jocabed Solano and Drew Jennings-Grisham

Static Bibliography:

Below is a list of items in the GlobalTheologyBib Zotero group – ordered by date and then author.

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